AT Cast 35: Anticipation Tremors

To be continued...

Renu and Soup talk about 5 (and a bit) parts of Hirohiko Araki's JoJo's Bizarre Adventure. Voted by 1 out of 2 cohosts to be the most likely episode to get struck by some kind of copyright claim. This won't be our last time visiting Hirohiko Araki's inner machinations, and we'll definitely be back to talk more about JoJo. Next episode will be something different, though, so stay tuned!




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It was Araki's Birthday yesterday!


A Dio Meme for your viewing pleasure. Flashing image warning

UN Owen was I, DIO. This contains the scene where he kicks the dog

Yoshikage Kiralovania. Flashing lights on this one too

Seven Page Muda

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